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I need a Ginger Biscuit!

My apologies for a long blogless period. Sadly I’m not a writer, preferring to wander footpaths in my constantly muddy boots or being creative with art. So this windy wet morning I’ve finally sat down with a ginger biscuit and a cup of Earl Grey and a blank piece of paper. Funny but a blank piece of paper is really exciting when a painting project is proposed but to write, well, then it becomes a vast empty soulless space with a few ginger biscuit crumbs scattered across .... I need another ginger biscuit!

This lockdown, apart from clocking up miles in the local Derbyshire landscapes, pebbles and corks have been transformed into mini artworks. They’re fun, free, tactile and simply make a refreshing change from a one dimensional art surface. The corks are evolving into a tiny parade of assorted folk (there’s a young Queen Elizabeth 1st) who will eventually be able to go off exploring on their own walks in Derbyshire, when I paint a board game for them.... currently in my imagination but eager to be realised.

My rucksack, which normally gets lighter on walks as the chocolate stash reduces, has been getting heavier as I unearth a collection of pebbles to carry home. Finding ones that are a pleasing shape and sit nicely on a flat surface is the challenge but a few turn up prised from the land (potato fields seem popular pebble territory) and I hopefully turn them into little treasures. But whilst these are creatively satisfying I need to return to mixed media heaven and it’s endless colourful possibilities and I really need another ginger biscuit.


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