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Four Weeks is Not Enough!

The Summer holidays are always a promise of relaxed time to catch up with life, finish off projects and pledge myself to painting, experimenting with colour, styles and texture.

However this year, due to COVID-19, they have been sadly shorter. Everything has had to be crammed in, just like my art studio, which engorged with paraphernalia, was the first project of the Summer holidays to tackle. Sorting it out stimulated an urge to decorate the space which then spilled over into my youngest daughters room … just hope she likes it as she’s not yet seen it with being at University in Liverpool! Then I was forced to buy a new car, more time snatched from the shorter Summer holidays.

So September … I’m declaring this to myself otherwise I’ll end up decorating the whole house …. there are already two fresh tins of Tudor black fence paint yearning to be slapped onto my weary fence, yes September will now be dedicated to painting, from beginning to end and probably stretching into October. There’ll be some much needed walking in between of course. My soul thrives on miles walked like my new car needs diesel and not petrol (I must remember that).

I have two commissions flowering in my imagination to complete. One is pretty well a fixed composition, the other keeps morphing begging for juicy colours and texture. I like the fact it’s prompting me with suggestions with inspiration pinging from surprising sources. It’s the putting it all together that needs to be right. Hopefully September will compensate with time and mellow days of sunshine

Spot the difference competition. Prize is an aniseed ball found down the back of the radiator. Complete with fluff...


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