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Tea, blankets and Art on the Move

If only I could duplicate myself! Send copies here and there to do the stressful, boring and mundane, leaving the original me to paint and walk. Three stressful weary months have forced my art down the list of priorities. Walks have been shorter and fewer.

Moving house two weeks before Christmas and at the same time having a daughter in hospital, only being discharged two days before Christmas Day has drained most of my physical and creative energy.

It’s 25 years since I last moved house. Back then pretty much all we had was a bean bag, a deck chair, a vinyl collection and a cup each. This time it took several weeks to box up 25 years. I discovered I’d developed a blanket fetish during that time and amassed a collection of tea bigger than that of the famous Betty’s tea rooms of Harrogate. The local charity shop made a small fortune from our unwanted and the school where I work gained some interesting ‘still life’ objects.

Together my precious art materials and paintings nearly filled a van. There were gasps of ‘how much stuff have you got?’

‘That’s just the paper’ said I

One by one boxes passed through my new front door. Finally we flopped down for one of the many teas, hugged by one of the blankets in our new home.

Fast forward to the New Year, 2019, and at last my art room has seen some action. Time to focus on new paintings in a new art year in my new art space.

In the meantime there has been a quick pop mup gallery at a brewery/pub in Nottingham. The only trouble was that the venue didn't advertise the event elsewhere, and we couldn't entice the domino playing old chaps to come and gaze at some lovely paintings. But a few cards were sold and experience gained so not all was lost...

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