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Looking for harmony

In this very unsettling time of a health crisis I thought our self isolating would at least be an opportunity to crack on with art work but motivation seems flatter than a flattened pancake under a skip!

But then a fleeting moment of energy sparked the painting of a pebble. I thought it would be something to look forward. Paint a pebble and hide it in the Derbyshire countryside for others to discover, like hidden treasure. We occasionally come across painted rocks, it’s always brings a smile, so why not.

The painting of the pebble unexpectedly but thankfully revived my wilting motivation. Now new ideas are bursting forth. The creative mind is like a litter of puppies. Once awake, they’re yapping and eager and bouncing around. So whilst our walking is on an intermission, (and what a shock to my walking addiction that is) at least some harmony has been restored in my creative soul.

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