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Life before Focus

Life sometimes gets in the way of art. Recently it’s been relegated to snatched moments, squeezed in between tons of other things which have taken priority. They’re starting to engulf and swallow me up but my art is kicking back. At some point it becomes agitated and proudly finds the strength to insist on more art time. So I feed it. The more I do, the bigger and stronger it grows. O.k, it’s not a pet but the creative urge is very real and a unique and unpredictable performer and I need to perform more as I’ve an exhibition scheduled for next May/June 2019 at the Focus Gallery in Nottingham.

Plenty of paintings already excitedly queuing for their moment in the spotlight, but there’s more in me, desperate to make it to the show. So now the dark Winter days are here, painting evenings are the norm. Colour is bursting into the home and a few garments! Roll on next Spring, longer days and a gallery of CuriousHareArt.

A few paintings have already made it to the framers and all are looking very enticing...they are presently hanging at an AirBNB property in Matlock

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