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My disorderly mind

Autumn has arrived so my disorderly mind is surrendering to a Spring clean. Wrong season, I know, but that’s the disorderly for you! I need to get it ‘art fit’. The more I surround myself with art, by doing it or viewing it, the more I’m inspired, ideas bounce forth and paintings blossom. Plus the desire to paint increases.

However, I’m easily seduced by the outdoors and walking. I have a wandering mind, it craves looking at maps, wanting to work out a walk. Two miles to one inch or two paintings to one exhibition? The passion to roam is useful to my art. It inspires ideas. Landscapes, cloudscapes, seascapes, even narrow escapes from tea room temptations, all roll by. Their layers, colours, textures and form feed the imagination. Pathways through endless views keep adding the miles. Problem is it eats into my spare time.

So I’m slapping on my big map blinkers and generating some new art. My latest project, ironically, is inspired by my walks and building spotting. I love architecture. The paintings are a combination of collage and acrylics. Sketching a building, discovered from a walk, I arrange quirky layers of collage beneath it and then paint the building into my own naive style. Such a pleasing and satisfying art form and a limitless amount of wonderful buildings to paint. Looks like I’ll need to get my boots on and head off on some ‘building hunting’ walks. Now where are my maps?

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