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The Road West step by step!

It was suggested I blog a step by step of how I complete a painting, so here goes, but it could be like watching paint dry so I’ll try not to bore! Personally I think it’s best I let the visuals do the explaining, my art explains better than my words, as they often do.

This painting began a few years ago, on a drive west through patchwork fields near Monyash, Derbyshire. It burst into my imagination and settled there taking until now to emerge, as they often do.

I kinda always knew how I wanted it to look, but the finished piece happily deviated somewhat, as they often do. I desired striking colours, eye popping hues, lots of pinks against greys, pinks to enliven, invigorate, greys to soothe and support, but somehow other colours marched forth, elbowing pinks and greys out of the picture, as they often do.

I tried for a lighter sky to lift but the colours insisted on being deeper hues to blend with the landscape, as they often do. I sometimes wonder whose in charge, me or the art work! Each piece evolves at its own pace, in its own way and I’m just the lass with the pastel smudged face, acrylic spotted top and ink dipped hair.

And so here’s the final painting of a Road West, three evenings of painting but three years of sitting in my imagination waiting, as they often do..

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