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My Dirty Life

I’m a dirty girl. Not a day in my life have I managed stain free! My mother gave up. I’d return from exploring, face covered in muck, hair looking like it had been dragged through several hedges backwards (it most likely had), knees scuffed, shoes usually wet from trying to jump the brook at the bottom of the hill, and, oooops, not quite making it. Climbing trees, falling out of trees, making fires and roasting potatoes (sooty skins and rock hard centres). You can imagine the state of me.

Painting and art is also, naturally, a messy occupation, but the stains are generally more colourful. Recently I shopped with a lovely shade of green pastel smeared across my forehead.

Now when it comes to displaying art, framing and organising for exhibitions then I’m having to improve some bad habits, clean up my act and take more care. Finger prints that decorate mounted and framed originals don’t add value!

Spot the smudge on 'Yellow Fields' - fortunately it was spotted before it went live!!

My dirty life is being cleaned up.

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