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Keep turning right from Lichfield

The bonus of exhibiting, especially in a much visited cathedral, is the footfall of folk. Wandering in to admire the architecture and discovering an art exhibition. I was lucky that a lovely couple loved ‘Wild Hare Woods’ and wanted to buy it. But unlucky for them it had just sold at the exhibition, however there was the option of buying a print. They invited me over to their home in the Staffordshire Countryside with my portfolio. It was basically several right turns from Lichfield, and approximately 20 minutes later I turned right again and was warmly greeted.

It was a privilege to meet a couple who obviously love and appreciate art, so for them to buy three of my originals I felt truly honoured and very excited. I honestly thought their interest was purely buying a print of Wild Hare Woods, the painting that they had missed out on at the exhibiition. When you create, the creation is very much part of you, imagination and soul blended into a painting. Knowing their new home matters, the paintings of 'The Curious Hare’, ‘Neville’ and ‘The Path From Rowsley’ have found their happy homes. A happy weekend for all.

Now to find some happy homes for my other paintings and prints

The Curious Hare

The path from Rowsley



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