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Sorry for the delay but it has been summer....

If you’re hoping for hope, a Cathedral is possibly the best place to find it and thankfully i did. Not that religion has featured much in my life, despite attending Sunday school in the 1970’s because it was something to do on a Sunday when everything else was closed plus church school, taking Communion on a Wednesday, because it was expected. Yet religious buildings hold a fascination and inspiration that pull me inside their hushed holy interiors. Lichfield Cathedral is no exception. Its three Spires dominate the small city skyline. Beautifully Gothic, it’s interiors are awe inspiring so to have an art exhibition within such a marvellous space is a stroke of genius.

Back to Hope.

Firstly I hoped, as all artists do, that folk will notice my paintings and comment. Ideally they would like what they see but I’m realistic, we all have different taste, thank goodness.

Secondly, I hoped that at least one of my paintings would sell. Framing and prints are a costly affair. Money goes out and I needed some to come back in.

On the very last day of the two week exhibition I was sat sketching in the Derbyshire countryside (it was during the never ending heatwave) when the email came through.

I had sold Wild Hare Woods .... actually two were interested but, first come first served.

Why I hadn’t dare hope that I would sell I don’t know ... an artists insecurity ... but hope came through.

It’s a wonderful thought that your imagination is hanging in someone’s home/business

The unlucky buyer?...that's another post following soon.

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