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Lichfield Cathedral ... an exhibition in a magnificent building

I’m rather drawn to Cathedrals. Their majestic dominance gracing their surrounds. Lincoln in particular is a favourite, mightily posing from a high plateau with flat lands bowing below and Durham, which seems to grow from the hill it sits upon as the River Wear loops beneath its skirt of trees. Lichfield Cathedral, no less grand, feels less aloof, sat tucked into the streets of lovely Lichfield. From Nottingham it’s a nice quick drive down the A38 so when I spotted a call for artists to submit paintings for an exhibition in July I thought ‘why not, I have two paintings which I felt perfect for the exhibition and it’s less than an hour away’.

Wild Hare Woods and The Quiet Lane to Parwich were the two pieces I had in mind. Strong compositions and I felt both would look great in a Cathedral setting. So they’re both off to the framers. Exciting!

The exhibition will be on from Sat 30th June until Sun 15thJuly.

Wild Hare Woods

Quiet lane to Parwich

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