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Snow slows time

I should’ve gone to school today, well I did but was turned away, closed due to the heavy snowfall. I trudged back (in so many layers I couldn’t zip my over jacket up), thinking about the prospect of a day at home, a rare event in my life!

Home, kettle on, peeled off the layers and settled down to some art, but then my eye wandered to the floor, needs cleaning, so on hands and knees and a nice shiny floor. My teenage daughter then decides to head out into the snow (without a sledge!) and wears my old hiking boots crusty with dry mud, trampling flakes of it through the house. Back on my knees and clean the floor again.

Resumed my art, though struggling with space, my eyes cruised the desk top. I had an impromptu tidy which ended up lasting over two hours as I checked what pens worked and which didn’t. Then lunch, then returned to my art, but my eyes fidget towards a crammed bookcase, I began sorting and a bag for the charity shop soon bulged with books. Several cups of tea later and a ‘little’ bit of art, I began to prepare the evening meal. Glancing at the time I was shocked it was only 4.30. Time crawled along today. When life is hectic, time speeds past, but to get an unexpected ‘free’ day, the hours were relaxed and unhurried. The snow slowed the day, a positive, plus my desk has, at last, more space on it .... what I really need is a studio .... and another snowy day to slow time.

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