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The barn under the moon

This weekends weather has been delightful and so so inspiring. Took several photos of scenes that may, or may not, find themselves woven into a painting, which is how this one I’m working on at the moment began life. Beneath Brentor in Dartmoor, a twisty path navigates through yellow gorse. Artistic licence has been applied and the gorse has mysteriously vanished whilst a fox scouts through just as a hare leaps past and the weather is different as is the background, but hey ho, that’s part of the fun of the evolving painting.

Back to this weekend and whilst walking towards Abney Moor in Derbyshire I came across a tiny barn that just grabbed my attention and begged to be painted. Over the valley lay a patchwork of dry stone walls and above them all clearly visible sat the moon. So I feel a merging of these elements crowned with a tree copse or two and maybe a bright orange fox wandering by. Heavy snow is forecast for tomorrow, so after my shift at work (if indeed the school opens and snow doesn’t force closure as it often does these days) I shall begin my sketch whilst fresh in the imagination, the barn beneath the moon.

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