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Everyone has a favourite place to work. My first blog post sitting at my desk. What to write? If I get artist block a walk in the Great British countryside usually helps or a wander around an art gallery. Does the same apply for writing? I hope so. DHLawrence the writer and local lad walked the landscapes near me on the Notts/Derbyshire border and was inspired by his steps through the scenery of woodlands and rolling hills embellished with farms, canals and colliery villages. My walks, wherever they may be, usually inspire some form of creativity. I love to explore. To discover. Surely that’s what life is all about. Something may spark an idea or many, my mind usually has a queue of ideas bursting to get out. This latest painting came about just so. A walled garden from a walk in heavenly Pembrokeshire dotted with pumpkins and a walled garden at Calke Abbey in glorious Derbyshire, scarecrows mingling amongst squashes. Elements I wanted to include in a painting and so a new picture was born!

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